What Happens During and After Treatment?

Here at Kabera Global, skin surgery is performed by our expert dermatologists or plastic surgeons. Since this treatment is considered as an outpatient procedure, you do not have to stay at the clinic overnight. Our expert plastic surgeon may treat wrinkles in your forehead, around your mouth or eyes individually. If you want your entire face to be treated, then we will do so upon request. We use local anaesthetic or sedate you if needed. General anaesthesia may be needed if the whole face will be treated.

Treating the parts of the patient's face usually takes around thirty to forty-five minutes. Yet, if you are after a full-face surgery, the procedure will likely take two hours. After the laser procedure, the treated areas will be bandaged. Patients have to leave the bandage for 24 hours. Afterwards, the treated areas should be cleaned 4 to 5 times per day. Our doctor will also recommend a certain ointment to be applied on the treated areas so to prevent scabs build up.

After skin surgery, the patient may experience swelling. You do not have to worry, though. That is just a normal reaction. Taking prescribed asteroids or sleeping on extra pillow can help ease the swelling.

Aside from swelling, patients may also feel stinging or itching for twelve to seventy-two hours after the treatment. However, after one week all those effects will gradually diminish. Your skin will start to dry the peel, living you that youthful-looking skin free from any skin problems. The healing period varies depending on the skin problem that has been treated. When the skin eventually heals, patients can already wear makeup (make sure it's oil-free, though). This can minimize redness. It is also important to use broad-spectrum sunscreen and keep your skin moisturized. However, be meticulous when choosing a product. Better to ask our doctors for any recommendation.

Can I Undergo Laser Skin Treatment?

Well, this will depend on your situation and problem. We cannot immediately say if you can or cannot have this treatment now, much better if you will consult our physicians.

Is there any associated Risks?

Just like any other kind of treatment, laser skin treatment also carries potential risks such as scarring, bacterial infection and many more. We make sure that our patients are fully aware of these side effects before we start the treatment. We will tell you more about those risks before booking for this kind of treatment.

Nevertheless, since our expert skin surgeons have already performed countless successful treatment, you will be guaranteed with minimal to no risk.